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    [By Your Command] LLM is in the Open Source community.

    That means zero corporate control in a big huge way – and this is not like the old “The year of the Linux desktop” joke.

    …not in any sense of anything we had in the past. AI in the hands of BILLIONS of people with fixes to computational errors happening at lightning speed – as well as compounding unintended consequences faster than anyone can possibly grasp, let alone stop it.

    We now have a (massive (recursive (Pandora’s Box))).

    Oh, read this for more details if my short take is not convincing:
          ♦ Big Tech Isn’t Prepared for A.I.’s Next Chapter (from

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    Worst Possible Time?

    Worst Possible Time?

    Climate is deteriorating into a catastrophe. Modicum of decorum is all but gone. Can it possibly get worse?


    While things were bubbling in the background with minor progress here, minor progress there, all of a sudden, an unexpected world changing event storms in:


    ChatGPT wiped out the uptake record of every innovation/invention/product ever. Again, ever, in the history of the Anthropocene Epoch. One hundred million (100,000,000) people jumped on the ChatGPT within days and within weeks beat out everything else ever! See the graph above. It’s from the video below.

    By the end of this year, 31-December-2023, the landscape of the world will be different in unimaginable ways. To be clear, this early AI model is not AI at all, it’s an “Expert System” (“AI” is a buzzword used for hype and marketing). What we have is not AI, but a database analysis engine with regression and associative computational capabilities on a large scale which produces an output using permutations and combinations thereof; resulting in an approximated best fit “guess”.

    The answer can be utterly wrong because it does not “think”, it just compares and contrasts data. But it is a mega-huge step in the right direction to create even more highly sophisticated computational algorithms.

    Who knows what it will come up with… Successfully divide by zero? Quantum entangled particle communications? Capture and view gravitational waves? Solving the dark matter and dark energy conundrum? Compressed space and wormhole jump points?

    Should one be afraid? Given the megalomaniacs, lawless political hacks having delusions of dictatorial grandeur, incompetent narcissistic billionaire nincompoops, as well as the proverbial self-absorbed scientists, any one or a combination of them may just tip us into extinction overnight.

    “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” – Dr. Ian Malcolm (from Jurassic Park)

    This is a long video but an important video. Please watch it. It came out in March of 2023 but it is already technologically outdated. That’s how fast we are moving.


    The target audience for this video is for the general population. It does not contain unfathomable technical terms or highfalutin theories beyond comprehension. It’s in every day words.

    The part where I froze in horror is exactly at the 16 minute 10 second mark, with the sentence ending in “language”; as in, the ending of this sentence: “…you can start to treat everything as language.” Horrors, as in: Photos. Art. Images. Videos. Audio. Speech. Music. Text. Air. Water. Ground. Plants. Animals. Humans. Earth. Solar System. Everything.

    And you might say, yeah, so? Well, while the video is referencing human language, it is way beyond that. The computers are not computing in human language, not even programming, not even machine language – it’s computing in binary, as in zeros and ones. Again, it cannot tell the difference between anything – the entire existence of the universe is just ones and zeros.

    Final Thought. If human one-and-zero combination seems to be breaking things (like we are, and really really badly), well, just eliminate those pesky one-and-zero combinations! Problem solved. As in, problem solved for the hyper-sonic logical computational robot overlords; however, it does not end well for the fleshy humans much.



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    Learn ChatGPT

    Learn ChatGPT

    Okay, no mincing words, let’s get started using Chat GPT:

    (1) Sign up on ChatGPT for free, go to:
          ♦ ChatGPT (

    (2) “Master ChatGPT in 5 Minutes” by Obscurious
    If you don’t want to think to hard, here is a super quick and easy tutorial by Obscurious. He has a bunch of other neat AI Youtube videos so check those out too! This will show you how to create “prompts”. The question or query you want to know are called prompts in the LLM (Large Language Model) world.


    (3) “ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Course” by H-EDUCATE
    Here is another tutorial from the basics up to really involved prompts. Very very good. Seek out more videos from H-EDUCATE. Hasan has very involved videos that will help you get really into the thick of things.


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    Scary AI Future

    Scary AI Future

    This is a Tom Scott video that encapsulates what is going to happen to humanity. This is from March 2023 and we are already further up the sigmoid curve he mentions.

    Everyone needs to get with program to learn the new tech and use it NOW – especially if you rely on a job to make income to sustain yourself. Yeah, it’s going to be brutal. And the dislocation of jobs is only the beginning of the largest upheaval in human history to date.

    And we thought the climate crisis was the worst thing to hit us. Nope, the coming upheaval in the next 12 to 24 months is going to be way more dire, chaotic, and unpredictable. It’s akin to cramming the advancement from the “horseless carriage” to “landing on the moon” all in the span of one year.

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    Welcome to Artificial Logic

    The field of advanced computing is exploding like never before.

    Artificial Intelligence was languishing for the longest time with almost no advancements, just a bunch of research papers stuck in drawers at the major universities. Just to be clear, what we are calling “AI” now is not true AI – but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion. “AI”. It’s just a sales and marketing term. (Just like “The Cloud”, it’s just renaming “hosted services” so it make you feel better that instead of buying something and paying for it once, you pay for it every month forever).

    Here is some highlights of the history of technology. The floppy disk was invented in 1970. Dot Matrix printers in 1972. IBM PC was in 1981. CD ROM in 1984. Phones without cords was in 1988. World Wide Web internet protocol “http” was in 1990. Fast forward to people doing things here and there, video on web, MySpace craze started in 2003. Then all kinds of instant messaging boomed. Starting in 2010: Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter. Social media was a happy place with people posting what they ate for breakfast or taking pictures of their cats. Then…

    Step back a moment, to the mythic idyllic times: Remember the Andy Griffith Show? Every town had the village idiots (Barney Fife, Gomer, and Goober Pyle), the town miscreant (Otis), the know-it-all with wrong/incorrect information (Floyd the barber), the naïve unworldly impressionable (Opie), the outstanding citizen (Aunt Bee); and the glue that made everything work together by suppressing the incompetent, correcting the misinformation, and educating the ignorant, Sheriff Andy Taylor.

    Then World Wide Dystopia One hit where all of the connectivity of all people was possible. All the early adopters, generally on the smart side of things, made the internet interesting. Much of it was boring. When YouTube was new, people watched the videos even if it was beyond awful, just to shake their heads in disbelief and sometimes disgust.

    Back to Mayberry. Andy Griffith kept Otis in check. Tried to keep Floyd from spreading rumors. Barney Fife can only have one bullet and it was in his shirt pocket, Goober and Gomer were kept at bay. Then it happened.

    Every town has their own troublemakers put in their place to keep the peace. Then it happened. Social Media. The Gomers and Goobers can connect with all of the other Gomers and Goobers in all of the other twons – anywhere! Worldwide!!! Then the Otis’ got connected. Then the Floyds got connected. Then the Opies were already connected but without Sheriff Taylor being able to control the flow of the ne’er-do-wells – all of the Opies got sucked in and corrupted.

    And that was just the incorrectly named “‘Social’ Media”… We have not even corrected the ill effects of this Interconnected Media fiasco; and now we have AI or Artificial Intelligence marching right in to the fray. Are we, as in humans on the brink of extinction, or will we survive this AI infusion into the world society?

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