The standard for the Large Language Model (LLM) is ChatGPT. This basically started it all. The take-up of this application was the fastest ever on the internet with 100,000 users signing up within a week. It never happened before and it’s only going to get insane fast. The YouTube video from a week ago is already out of date! SO you need to jump on this immediately! Start with the basics here. It’s free, you just need to create a username, password, and login:
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    AI is already branching out to specific industries, such as health and medicine. If you do not grasp the consequences of this now, you will be forever lost. If you are in the medical field, start looking at this now! Glass AI combines a Large Language Model (LLM) with a clinical knowledge database maintained by clinicians. It creates a Differential Diagnosis (DDx) and a Clinical Plan. It is experimental, so subject to irregularities; therefore caution is advised, as always:
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