AI won’t replace humans (yet); but humans using AI will


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    As it Stands Now, May 2023

    To call what we have done to this point as “AI” is an insult to intelligence. There is no intelligence behind these machines, they are all a “fast database lookup” with associative inference by comparison calculating machines; basically known as “Expert Systems” as outlined in theories in the early days of the concept of Artificial Intelligence.

    Using other buzzwords created by sales and marketing droids, we do not even have AGI or Artificial General Intelligence. More like “General Artificial Logic”. There is no “fuzzy logic” (alternate outcomes given the same input without using a randomizer) with the computation; however, we are getting closer to the early stages of AGI.

    What is Artificial General Intelligence? AGI would be a calculating machine that can perform tasks of humans in every capability (separate or in combination) with speed as the only capability that exceeds the best of the best human; minus any thought, wonder, emotions, etc.

    What do the People of the Earth need to do NOW

    It would be best for all of humanity to start using all of the new Large Language Model (LLM) and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) sites to get used to how they work. Why?

    Because AI won’t replace humans yet*; but humans using AI will. Advancements are happening on a huge huge clip now with new things being introduced every week! As for this site, we will scour the web and bring you the best AI sites and AI news as they come along…

    The “yet” portion comes in when ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence takes over, figuratively and/or literally, where ASI is defined as abilities surpassing all human capabilities. Still minus fuzzy logic; or any thought, wonder, emotions, etc. – probably. There never will be a question “Why did you do that?” where the answer would be “It seemed like a good idea at that time.” – mainly because it would be able to calculate all possibilities, assign probabilities, and pick the best outcome it is programmed to achieve. No thought involved.

    Hopefully we just decay to the TV/movie equivalent of Max Headroom or Blade Runner dystopia; and, certainly try to avoid our current trajectory toward Idiocracy. However, anything is possible; such as, but not limited to: the Borg, Cybermen, Dalek, Kaylon, Skynet worlds – possibly culminating in the Isaac Asimov’s Cosmic AC Multivac?

    Why the doom and gloom outlook? Because AI is recursion. Achieve optimal results by refining the output. Ask the AI unit to look at its own programming and instruct it to create a better version of itself. Humans add in tweaks. “Make a better version of yourself.” Humans add in tweaks. “Make a better version of yourself.” Humans add in tweaks. “Oh no, it connected itself to the Internet.”

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