Learn ChatGPT

    Learn ChatGPT

    Okay, no mincing words, let’s get started using Chat GPT:

    (1) Sign up on ChatGPT for free, go to:
          ♦ ChatGPT (https://chat.openai.com/)

    (2) “Master ChatGPT in 5 Minutes” by Obscurious
    If you don’t want to think to hard, here is a super quick and easy tutorial by Obscurious. He has a bunch of other neat AI Youtube videos so check those out too! This will show you how to create “prompts”. The question or query you want to know are called prompts in the LLM (Large Language Model) world.


    (3) “ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Course” by H-EDUCATE
    Here is another tutorial from the basics up to really involved prompts. Very very good. Seek out more videos from H-EDUCATE. Hasan has very involved videos that will help you get really into the thick of things.


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